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The idea of a graphical user interface for LEparagliding has long been demanded by users.  The work has begun. Nevertheless, the first usable version still has no date for completion, because the work to be done is very important.

The main ideas:
- LEparagliding, continues to operate normally, doing all numerical and graphical computations in Fortran. File leparagliding.f remains the engine and most important part of the program, and continue developing.
- Pre-procesor engine continues operate normally in Fortran.
- The new graphic user interface (GUI) written in "Tcl/Tk", helps to easily build the data files pre-data.txt, lepragliding.txt and run the program.
- Tcl/Tk is multiplatform and runs in Linux, UNIX, Mac OSX, Windows,...
It is planned full internationalization program, using interface in different languages.
You may continue to use LEparagliding as always, editing the data files pre-data.txt and leparagliding.txt (I think this is the easiest method!).
- Of course, license GNU GPL!

Take a look of the .tcl code (last update 7 october 2017):

README.txt  Notes
lepg.tcl  Main .tcl script
d_lep_r.tcl  procedure for read leparaglidind.txt
d_lep_w.tcl  procedure for write new leparagliding.txt
p_le.tcl procedure for setting the leading edge parameters, using pre-processor engine
lepg.conf configuration file
leparagliding.txt main data file

HELP is welcome!
Because this is a task that requires a lot of work and knowledge, help will be welcome in any of the following aspects:

- Tcl/Tk programming. Review, cleaning, and improve the .tcl code. Structure,  aspect of the widgets, ...
- Internationalization in several languages. All menus and messages should be translated into different languages. To do this in a simple way I think of a single text file containing two columns. In the left column is the text in English, and the right column is the text translated into another language. There will be a text file for each language. Each sentence will be converted into a string variable, and located in the right place within the program. Example en.msg de.msg fr.msg ua.msg ru.msg es.msg ...

GUI collaborators:
Eric Fontaine and Magali (Tarnos, France)  French translations, and some graphics.
Roman Ivanov (Kharkov, Ucraine) Russian and Ukrainian translations.
Stefan Feuz (Switzerland), has resumed the development of the GUI interface (September 2017), also translations into German and English. Planned creation of a git repository which allows code exchange.
Important improvements will be released soon.

Here a screenshot of the main Tcl/Tk window:

LEparagliding GUI Tcl/Tk

Tcl code:
code Tcl

Here old screenshots when program planned using SCILAB code (no longer used). Is much better Tcl/Tk for GUI's.