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1. Improved brakes

In December 2016, Thierry Bosq made some modifications in the brakes of his proto BHL2 21 m2, which improve the performances of the wing in turn (allow tighter turns). The change affects the last five suspension lines of the high level of the brake lines and D line in the wingtip. Thanks to Thierry for sharing this improvement.

bhl2 new brakes


- Remove 3D17 line in the wingtip (in some protos was named 4D17)
- Remove 3F12, 3F13, 3F14, 3F15, 3F16 lines
Build new lines 3F5, 4F12, 4F13, 4F14, 4F16 according to the recommended lengths for each size
- Mount new lines according to attached scheme
- Line
4F16 is fixed in the point 16 passing first through a aluminum ring fixed at point 17

It can be verified that these modifications are equivalent to lifting the trailing edge gradually from +1.5 to +10 cm, between the ribs 12 and 17 (size 21, and proportionately in the other sizes). To update all other BHL2 sizes with this new configuration, it is enough to apply the corresponding scale coefficient k = SQRT (m2 objective size / m2 reference size):

bhl2 new brakes all

Modifications effect and pulling effect:
pull effect

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