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This program is used to design parachutes and parasails with circular geometry. The current version (0.2 20200417) still is very primitive and does not allow many options. Nevertheless, it is usable for designing the shape of the gores, and  calculate the length of the main lines. You can continue the design editing the dxf output file.

The following improvements will be adding the seam edges. Dividing gores in sectors, and adding different types of windows and vents. More complex designs of lines, with ramifications. Dome shape defined in base on profiles defined by the user. Possibly add other geometries, such as   square.

Of course, the program operates at the typical cryptic "Fortran style" of the Laboratory.

pc.f Source code, Fortran fort77 gfortran-8
README.txt Basic instructions
data.txt Data file.
Parameters a,b,c,a'=ap, and others, are shown here
lepc-out.txt Report output file
lines.txt Lines file
parachute.dxf.zip 2D dxf file
lepc-3d.dxf.zip 3D dxf file
Download GNU/Linux version 0.2
lepc-0.2-win32-xp lepc-0.2-win32-w7
Download Windows vesions 0.2
Gore geometry theory
More about parasail/parachute design

         leparachute 3D
View of the 3D file

leparachute 2D
View of the 2D file