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GNUA 13 "Minsk"

25 cells 13 m2 speed glider
GNUA13 Minks
GNUA13 design

GNUA13 est une mini-voile parapente "speedglider" Ó 25 caissons et 13 m2 de surface Ó plat.

This prototype was built in June 2019 by Oleg Egorov in Minsk, Belarus.
The design is based on the original French prototype GNUA13.
Technical data:

Cells number =  25
Flat area =  12.88 m2
Flat span =   7.00 m
Flat A/R =  3.81
Projected area =  11.34 m2
Projected span =   5.96 m
Projected A/R =  3.13
Flattening =    .12
Airfoil = gnuA
Wingtip airfoil= gnuat
True three rows design (A,B,C)
Lines design = A-2-6, B-3-9, C-2-6
Total line lenght = 127.5 m
This glider uses full continuous v-ribs (type 5)

Some pictures of the construction:
1. Sewing the wing
Voile treminÚ
2. Sail completed
3. 2019-07-19 First test in a small hill, wind 5-7 m/s
4. 2019-07-19 First test in a small hill

First sensations: "Everything is fine with the wing, the place is too small for a good test.
At the top of the mountain, the wind was good, in the middle of the mountain was virtually absent. This is a feature of this small hill.
The wing itself is very fast, it requires an instant reaction, but the simplicity of its control allows it to be quickly stabilized.
Wing on the first test, I really enjoyed it!"

Tests will continue

LAB NOTE: Build a paraglider at home is a very complicated task , and requires many hours of work. Previous experience is required, and very inventive. As always remember that: The free flight implies risks that can only be known and they can be controled with a suitable formation on the part of a recognized school. Not test wings without knowing their functioning. The construction and test of experimental wings without certifying requires deep knowledge of what is being made.