Using cygwin's dll's library files with leparagliding or pre-processor

When you want to use leparagliding (or pre-procesor, air2dxf, or other fortran programs made by the Laboratori usin GNU Fortran) with a Windows computer, and without console cygwin installed, it is mandatory to add one or more .dll libraries related to cywing, in the same directory where .exe are located.

In versions precompiled for Windows I try to add the .dll's that I think that can work with your system. But it is not always the case. It's about finding the appropriate
.dll's, and then the program will work without problems.

You must use dll's similar to those on the computer with which the executable has been compiled. As the dll's change over time, is necessary to update them with new versions.

Windows XP 32bit:

cygwin1.dll (version 1005.18.0.0 or version 1005.25.0.0)

Windows 7 32bit or similar:

cygwin1.dll (version 2010.0.0.0) 2/2/2018
cygfortran-4.dll 3/5/2018
cygquadmath-0.dll 3/5/2018
cyggcc_s-1.dll 3/5/2018

Windows 7,8.1,10 64bit or similar:

cygwin1.dll 19/2/2020
cygfortran-5.dll 16/4/2020
cygquadmath-0.dll 16/4/2020
cyggcc_s-seh-1.dll 16/4/2020
cyguuidd-1.dll 31/3/2020

If necessary, select your cygwin1.dll (test all if necessary) included here: https://yadi.sk/d/oTLrm0J74LFXVA   

Copy the appropiate .dll (or .dll's) in the same folder where .exe is located.