Notes about leparagliding.f compilation

For use LEparagliding you do not need to compile the source code. This is optional. This information is only useful to who want to or need to compile the code. The file leparagliding.f contains all the source code for leparagliding. Compilation is the process through which an executable program is generated from the source code. Compiling yourself, the source code, ensures total compatibility with your computer. LEparagliding may be compiled easyly in GNU/Linux, Windows, and MAC.

CASE 1) COMPILATION IN GNU/Linux, the easy way...!

The source code is the file named leparagliding.f
You will need a compiler GNU Fortran. You will need a compiler GNU Fortran. It is recommended that you install (apt-get) the following programs:

f77, fort77, gfortran, gfortran-8, f2c, gcc, gcc-fortran


    apt-get f77, fort77, gfortran, gfortran-8, f2c, gcc, gcc-fortran

Compile the source code writing in the console some of these instructions (depends on your system):

    gfortran leparagliding.f

    gfortran-8 -std=legacy leparagliding.f

    f77 leparagliding.f

f77 -Nn1604 leparagliding.f

    (or similar compiling instructions)

Result is:


Run the program:

To set permissions, if necessary type:  chmod 755 a.out
Put the executable file a.out inside a lep folder containg all the paraglider files (leparagliding.txt, airfoil1.txt, airfoil2.txt,...) and execute writing:

  ./a.out leparagliding.txt

If you want, you can rename the executables file a.out as lep-3.XX.out or other name.

In the latest versions of LEparagliding (3.12) I'm using the gfortran compiler with success. Only some warning messages.


Install the
Cygwin console in your system. When installing Cygwin be sure to select and install all Fortran related packages: gcc, gcc-fortran, f77 (or g77), gfortran, gfortran-8, f2c, fort77, gcc, gcc-fortran...  Open the cygwin console, and move to the lep folder containing leparagliding.f and all your paraglider files (leparagliding.txt, airfoil.txt,...). Latest versions of leparagliding compiles well using gfortran, f77 -Nn1694, fort77 -Nn1604

Open yours Cygwing console. Move to the lep folder (use UNIX commands cd, cd .., ...). Compile using gfortran, gfortran-8, f77, or fort77 exactly as in Linux:

gfortran leparagliding.f   


gfortran-8 leparagliding.f


f77 -Nn1604 leparagliding.f   


fort77 leparagliding.f

You get:



./a.exe leparagliding.txt

(Optionally rename a.exe tot lep-3.XX-win.exe or similar name)

If you use a version compiled by yourself, no dll's are needed in the working directory. System uses automatically the defaut dll's.


Read here: https://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/GFortranBinariesMacOS
Install Xcode
Be sure you install gcc and gfortran
compile the code as in the case of Linux:

gfortran leparagliding.f


Since release lep-3.17, all the LEparagliding executables are "statically compiled". This means that some Fortran libraries are automatically added to the .out (Linux, OSX) and .exe (Windows) executable files. In theory, this will help run the program on the computers of users who do not have Fortran compilers installed. The regular user does not need to know anything about this. If you are curious and want to know what is the instruction used for static compilation is the following:

        gfortran -static-libgfortran leparagliding.f

        gfortran -static-libgfortran pre-processor.f