Notes about leparagliding.f compilation

The file leparagliding.f contains all the source code for leparagliding. Compilation is the process through which an executable program is generated from the source code. Compiling yourself, the source code, ensures total compatibility with your computer.

CASE 1) Compilation in GNU/Linux, the easy way...!

Install fort77 compiler. In Debian/Ubuntu systems:

apt-get install fort77


fort77 leparagliding.f



Run the program:

To set permissions, if necessary type:  chmod 755 a.out
Put the executable file a.out inside a lep folder containg all the paraglider files (leparagliding.txt, airfoil1.txt, airfoil2.txt,...)
If you want, you can rename the executables file a.out as lep-2.8X.out or other name. Type:

./a.out leparagliding.txt

CASE 2) Compilation in WINDOWS

2.1 Using Cygwin

Install the Cygwin console in your system. When installing Cygwin be sure to select and install all Fortran related packages: gcc, f77 (or g77), gfortran, f2c, fort77... Latest versions of leparagliding compiles well using f77 (but you may test fort77 and gfortran -std=legacy). Open the cygwin console, and move to the lep folder containing leparagliding.f and all your paraglider files (leparagliding.txt, airfoil.txt,...)

Open yours Cygwing console. Move to the lep folder (use UNIX commands cd, cd .., ...). Compile using f77 of fort77!

f77 leparagliding.f   


fort77 leparagliding.f

You get:


If you have installed the Cygwin console, you do not need to use the file cygwin1.dll in the folder lep. Execute:

./a.exe leparagliding.txt

If you want to use the executable file a.exe on another computer, without the Cygwin console, then it is mandatory to use the cygwin1.dll file in the same lep directory. I use two cygwin1.dll, one for Windows XP and another for Windows10, download here and select the appropriate.

2.2 Using the g77 compiler

You may use another GNU g77 compiler. For example these provided by the University of Hawaii:
In the web page is perfectly explained. You just have to replace the example hello.f for leparagliding.f
I tested but without succes. Better use fortran compiler provided by Cygwin.

2.3 Use mingw
(not tested yet) mingw

CASE 3) Compilation in MAC

Please, help me write this section.  :)