These ribs are implemented in program LEparagliding versions greater than 2.50

It is possible to define "unloaded ribs" simply by defining a pattern of lines without anchors in the especified profile. That is the most logical and easy. And it allows you to define different types of internal ribbons (diagonal) to stabilize the profile internally. Nevertheless, sometimes it can be interesting to define a rib simply sewing it in the middle of a panel "middle unloaded ribs". That is, use one panel to define two cells. This is useful for simplifying the construction process. It may be interesting to design some kind of paragliders and parachutes. The manual version 2.50 and  greaters, shown how to use this option.

Some notes on this subject

1) Summary of what the program performs internal calculations internally to design this type of ribs (steps 1  to 8)

2) pictures, which help to understand what this special type of rib (picture  8)

Unloaded rib (1)

Unloaded rib (2)

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