The "gnustop" is one small parachutes for increasing the resistance of the set wing-pilot.

The hang glider pilots already know (and they thank) the utility of the device, which allows to reduce the glide angle of the wing in an important way, we make for example from 12:1 to 5:1 when going landing. It is a device that it is necessary to know and to use with prudence, since in another case they can produce problems. Cases of have been given the handle and to push the parachutes main nowhere in that of resistance! It is necessary to study their placing behind the harness and of the theirs associated turbulence that can affect the effectiveness. It is necessary avoid launches for in front of the bar of control or among the side cables.

The firms Wills Wing, Aeros, and Metamorfosi, among other, manufacture commercial models. In Michel Sandlin web page  http://home.att.net/~m--sandlin/pad.htm details clearly the construction and the use of a "drogue chute"

In the Laboratory we are thinking like making one...

Would it be useful also to land the modern paragliders?

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