1. How to run leparagliding?

1) Download the latest version in a .zip package here: leparagliding2.23.zip

2) Unzip leparagliding2.23.zip. You will see a folder with the following files:


3) The program is ready to run because leparagliding not need installation. Simply copy the folder and its content to your working directory.

4) Running the program:

4.1) In GNU/Linux systems:

Open a shell (xterm, kconsole...) and cd into the folder leparagliding
Execute the program typing ./a.out
After a few seconds, if all goes well, some new files are created in the same directory with the results of the program:


4.2) In WIndows systems:

Double Click in e.exe, and after a few seconds, the same output files (.dxf and .txt) should appear in the same working folder.

5) That's it! Nothing spectacular! The plans are in 2D format in file leparagliding.txt and in 3D in file lep-3d.dxf. Is need a powerful dxf file editor program. This can be a major difficulty if you are not accustomed to working with CAD files types dxf / dwg. DXF format is used to work very precisely and make small changes and improvements on plans obtained. It is also used to prepare PDF files for printing, or create DXF / DWG for use in a computerized laser cutting table. Files lep-out.txt and lines.txt contains a summary of the technical parameters of the wing and the list of lines with their lengths. And you can open with any text editor. The difficulty of the design is to correctly understand and write the data file leparagliding.txt and associated profiles files. Study the manual.

2. Why is it so difficult to use leparagliding? There could be more easy?

Yes, it would be possible in the future to make a GUI (graphical user interface) to write file leparagliding.txt and profiles, graphically and interactively. But this requires a great deal of programming and now prefer to concentrate on the content and the proper functioning of the geometry routines. Write leparagliding.txt file is much easier than programming a GUI. Also, I find more neat and orderly easily write data in file leparagliding.txt that through a bunch of menus.

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